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During this phase you can only eat the foods listed below. You must maintain a high water intake throughout

this phase (8 large glasses of water per day minimum). You should attempt to eat at least three meals per day and the more

you eat the better. Make sure to eat the fat on the meat allowed. Do not consume any vitamin, mineral, or herbal preparations

during this phase. The only additive allowed to your food is salt. Stay on this phase for 3 , 5 , 7 ,or 14 days (to be chosen at

start of diet along with specific foods to be avoided and reintroduced). During this phase your symptoms must improve to

continue on to the reintroduction phase below. If you have no improvement in symptoms at the end of this phase, resume a

normal diet and let Dr. Sweet know the results of this trial.


ALLOWED FOODS : ALL except .....

(one of these options)

: water , white rice , lamb , chicken , .


: water , rice , fresh fruits , fresh-frozen vegetables, fresh-frozen meats




Only start this phase if you have had significant improvement during the Elimination Phase. You continue to

eat your basic elimination diet and start to test individual foods by adding them back into your diet. Any reintroduced food

that causes problems-symptoms should be subsequently avoided until the results are reviewed, and those that are fine can

continue to be eaten. If you react to a reintroduced food you cannot reintroduce the next food until symptoms have once

again disappeared. Foods that are to be reintroduced should be done in the order listed below, and be eaten twice within

1-2 hours in reasonable portions (provided you do not have a reaction to that food). Remember, you can only add each

new food in alone or with your basic allowed foods. No spices, butter, etc.


REINTRO FOODS : 1 - yeast (1 tsp. in water)

2 - glass of milk

3 egg (poached or boiled)

4 sugar (1 tbs. in water)

5 beef

6 wheat flour (best is non-enriched flour, 1 tbs. in cold water)

7 kernel corn (frozen or on the cob)

8 pork

9 food coloring - yellow (1 tsp. in water)

- red

Other foods : ..






After this you should make an appointment to see Dr. Sweet to review the results and discuss future

dietary advice. You may now add any desired food back into your diet, but, keep in mind to add every

new food back in, one food at a time, so you will catch any possible other foods that are bothering you.


Dr. Bruce Sweet 2006